Practical Packing

My Mother (or was it Dolly magazine?) warned me not to follow fashion too closely. To instead “wear what suits you”, “what makes you look and feel great” and “girls just wanna have fun in gnarly styles that suit”. (OK, It MUST have been Dolly!)

As I stare into my wardrobe, and its numerous black pencil skirts, floaty blouses and 50’s inspired dresses, I thank her, and those Wayfarer-wearing teen mag journos, for their sage advice.

I COULD now be a fashion victim. Stocking up on the latest trends. What’s HOT on the Interwebs this week. But with a two month trip of Europe on the way, the thought of jamming a variety of the latest fad, animal Onesies, into my 23 kg limited luggage would sure be daunting. (Although the lion version, booties included, would sure get me some attention on our Colosseum visit!)

No. I have it in my head that in Europe, I shall be European. Well, the “European” I remember from my time there when I was 18, when my Zia would only leave the house in skirt, matching silk scarf and heels. There’ll be none of this comfy travel-wear shenanigans. No 3/4 pants or sensible shoes. It’s all floral frocks, skirts and oh-so-impractical-on-cobbled-streets stilettos jammed into my case. And backpack. And handbag. And it’s totally me.

Trekking the Austrian hilltops in my (op shop) Ferragamos should be great fun then!

Where’s a Mountain Goat Onesie when you need it?


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