Squinchy Pillow? Check!

Airport? We’re here! Bags are hopefully making their way onto our plane. Kids are hopefully aware they’ll be stuck in one spot for 14 hours (and that’s just the first leg), and other passengers are hopefully aware that I’ve just had oral (and not botched plastic) surgery. I’m still semi-puffed and am sure everyone is ogling me suspiciously.

We’ve done the obligatory Duty Free stop. Surely we’re all aware by now that there’s nary a bargain to be found in the flouro-bright world of Duty Free, but I’d feel un-Australian not buying SOMETHING! So, through the girls screeches of “this perfume smells like fly spray”, we have a couple of bottles of Scotch and two “Squinchy Pillows”. That kept the girls quiet. Best bargain there!


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