Rothenburg Highlights

It’s going to be a big day of driving today. First to the “fairytale castle” of Neuschwanstein, then through Oberammergau and to our next stop, Munich.

Thought I’d remind myself of some of the things we’ve enjoyed so far.

* Our cute apartment. It doesn’t have the trendiest or the most “German” decor, but it’s right in town, and sitting at the window at night looking out onto other cute houses, listening to the music festival that’s been on here and watching the sun set has been magical.

* Eating too many sausages!

* Visiting the town’s Reichsstadtmuseum. We were the ONLY ones there, alone with medieval armory, swords, crossbows. Amazing works of art carved into everyday objects.

* The museum guide letting us behind the baracaded old convent kitchen. An enormous stone room. No oven but a huge space for a fire, which you’d boil massive pots over. It was the building’s only heat source. The 60 nuns in the 13th century only got one small meal a day, but were allowed about 6 litres of wine!

* Playmobil FunPark. Watching the girls getting busy, in amongst international kids, and having a ball.

* Doing the Nightwatchman Tour. Following the very funny Montey-Pythonesque costumed actor around town to hear his stories.

* Touching the thick stone ramparts. Still in immaculate condition

* Hearing the church bells every morning

* Breathing in the history. Hearing non-English speakers. People watching.

* Hanging out with my family.


* Eating Scneeballen

* Visiting the dentist three times to check on my teeth. She was lovely, and even came in on Saturday morning on her day off to see me, but man it hurt (no more shall be said…I’m over it!)

* The girls niggling at each other/ talking trash.

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  1. Maria Kennedy says:

    Hi from 3/4. We loved watching your day out at Playmobil Funpark. It looked like so much fun just as the name suggests! We are keeping up with your travels and yes Avalon we are missing you. We look forward to hearing about your future adventures. Isn’t the world an amazing place? Wishing you safe travels from Mrs Kennedy and 3/4.

  2. Another Traveller says:

    Did the cannon work?

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