Life on the Farm

Our mini farm stay in the hills south of Salzburg has been magical. We are near the small ski village of Filzmoos, and the farm is way on top of a mountain, with just one rocky trail snaking up to it. Views go on forever, and in layers. Foreground, apple-green grass and of course our darling little chalet, with geraniums in window boxes and carved wood panels. Middle ground, dark green pine-covered hills. And the grey craggy Alpine mountains, including “Bischofsmutze”, or the “Bishop’s Mitre” in the back ground.

The family only has about ten cows that roam around the property, and the milk gets sold to the Salzburgerland Dairy for butter and yoghurt. The girls are obsessed with the farm kitten; with the swing set; and just being given the freedom to race about and do their own thing. There are two girls in the family that lives here, but they only speak German, and after one day of “Hallo” (them) and “Hi” (our two) back and forth, they all got jack of it, and went their own kid ways!

This part of the world is stunning. The houses are all symmetrical, doll-like and super cute, and people obviously have so much pride in their homes and culture as each is perfectly manicured. I’d love to come back here in winter for a ski season. Best get saving!

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  1. Tania Sabbadin says:

    Hello beautiful people , finally got a chance to read all your blogs in one sitting. Sounds like a wonderful time. Great work with the blog, pics and videos. Looking forward to next instalment. Be safe and enjoy xxxx

  2. Karen Sullivan says:

    Danni, your blogs are brilliant!!! Loving every moment and we feel like we are experiencing a part of your holiday.
    Sending lots of love from the land of 3/4 pants lol, Kaz, James & Georgie xoxoxoxox

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