Trulli, Madly, Deeply.

There’s not much to say about the trulli of Alberobello, in Puglia (Apulia in English) in Southern Italy. Only that they are SO CUTE! So compact. So Smurfy! As you drive into the area, they are dotted around the countryside…in the middle of olive groves, or atop generous farmhouses. Some are in rubble, others are lived in and loved. And then in the town centre of Alberbello, they are everywhere, painted white, with conical stone roofs and often with mystical symbols painted in white on top. Some signs are ancient, with symbols of heaven and Hades; some are early Christian, with crosses or the sun representing Jesus; and others are astrological, with symbols for Jupiter, Saturn or Mercury. They were originally painted on the roof tops for good luck. The structures ensure warmth in winter and coolness in summer, and while most of them were originally built as temporary shelters in the fields, many are now tourist shops, restaurants, or funky little B&Bs.

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