For the love of Christ…church

After leaving our carefree camper days behind us, it’s been lovely to stretch out in a super cute AirBnB close to Christchurch city. Two doors, instead of a curtain, between us and our adorable children as we sleep; a shower that we’re not nervous will run out of hot water; and a washing machine. Party time!!!

On Sunday we visited the Riccarton Market, an enormous mix of food, hardware, craft and second-hand (YES!!!) gear at Riccarton Park Racecourse. I had high hopes for old china etc seeing as New Zealand has such an English-heavy history. It didn’t disappoint. The blue and white plate wall that’s taken me over 2 years to collect for, I could have thrown together in a couple of hours here. SO many old-lady plates, vases, cups and saucers. Not cheap, not exy, but soooo much variety! I picked up a bunch of pretty plates, and for some reason an old advertising yardstick took my fancy. Not the most practical memento, but I just love the slogan of Boyes Drapers (phone number 421, HA) below.


For dinner, another installation of “Who did it Better – Australia or New Zealand” category food, with Australia coming out on top in the Pizza division! “Spagalimi’s” is allegedly a Christchurch institution (39 years, 5 stores), but I am pretty sure an Italian hand has never touched a pizza there. The crust was pretty good, I won’t deny it, but WHERE in Italia would you see a lamb pizza with olives, and MINT YOGHURT!? Blegghhhh. (Dear Spagalimi’s. Mint belongs in toothpaste and mouth wash. Not pizza. Regards, Italy). And at $26 a pizza, a quick ‘n easy meal out, felt like throwing money to the wind.

In a special double taste test, “Who Did it Better”, Vanilla Slice division…it’s a draw! For starters, they’re called “Custard Squares” here, and have coconut on top for some weirdo reason. This one was from the “Metropolitan Bakery and Milk Bar” in the city, and tasted more like caramel than vanilla. Nice creamy texture though, unlike some of the gelatinous “snot blocks” (my brother’s term) you find in suburban bakeries back home. These had more of a French creme patissiere texture. Noice.

We’re just a couple of blocks away from the Botanic Gardens, and we met up with our lovely radio friend from back in the day on the Gold Coast, Kieron! G’Day Kizz! He lives here now with his fabulous two girls, Emily and Clair, and after some warming up, the girls all got on wonderfully. We explored the gardens, and enjoyed a great catch up.

Next, a Christchurch tradition, punting along the Avon River. (Hang on. $80 for 30 minutes! Enjoy watching from the bank kids, there’s no way we’re paying that!).

A bit of shopping (which is pretty sparse in Christchurch City at the moment), getting ready for a night laying in bed listening to the local bogans doing blockies around town (even after the introduction of “No Cruising Zones” through the city in 2010) and we’ll be back in Oz just in time for school. What a fabulous holiday…and man, our NZ eccints rock. Thinks Niu Zealund! We’ll be beck!


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