Take it or Leave it


Granted, we were only in Bratislava for a couple of days, but when the area around your house looks like this…

…it’s easy to get a negative vibe about a place. This vibe intensifies when your husband is harassed by a rashy drunken dude in the car park who scampered off when he didn’t understand Cam’s thumbs up and “no worries” reply to the vagrant’s slurry Slovak question.

Our place was actually pleasant enough…

…and yes, we had our posh dinner out at UFO, but we also ate some other nice food…

…although we’re unsure if this was officially Slovakian fare or not as the restaurant we bought it from also sold pizza and falafels. Regardless, my almond/cashew infused rice in the second pic was one of the best things I’ve ever eaten!

Bratislava has tourist/souvenir shops in abundance. The centre of the old town has some lovely buildings, and the people we met were direct but friendly. Overall though it is a fairly grey, concrete-heavy city. I think the fact that our apartment was near the station and a pocket of dodginess didn’t help. It’s a bit of a worry too when your headline tourism icon is a statue creeping out from a sewer. His name is “Cumil” or “The Watcher”, and it’s unclear whether he’s just a lazy worker who couldn’t be fagged, or he’s looking up women’s skirts. Either way, it’s a no from me.

A fair chunk of our time tbh was spent working out car insurance issues, with the car company coming up with this…

So, Bratislava, nice meeting you briefly. We went on one heady, ostentatious date, but we’re just not on the same page and I don’t think it’s going to work between us.


Token Traveller.

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