Milford Sound

Photos just cannot do justice to one of the most amazing natural wonders I have ever visited. Milford sound is nothing short of spectacular. Heck, I’ve been holding out from using the “Hunt for the Wilderpeople’s” “majestical”, but majestical it surely is.

We woke up super early to avoid the queues of tour buses, and by 6 we were on our way from Te Anau. We were told to leave 2.5 hours travel time, but were there in about 1hr40m. How keen are we! 1.5 hours early for our sailing. Yes, more beautiful landscapes on the way, and a trip through the 1km long Homer Tunnel (below), cut out of solid rock.

It was wet (apparently a regular occurrence here), and it was windy: pretty wild as we got out into open waters (which the girls thought was hilarious…the only ones out on the back deck, and getting saturated). But every waterfall, and every giant cliff rising up into the clouds, the seals and dolphins, and then all of it put together…it was just breathtaking.

And then we had the chance to get even closer to the action in double kayaks. Milana and I were absolutely hopeless…going in the wrong direction, whacking into the frustrated Dutch tour guide’s kayak, nearly knocking others out with our paddles. But man, the drama was worth it!

We also viewed the submarine goings-on in the Underwater Observatory.

So hard to sum up in photos, but a truly epic day.

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