Slice of Heaven

We’re currently sitting in our very own slice of heaven (Dave Dobbyn reference). It’s 9:30pm, and the sun is setting behind Lake Pukaki where we’re all set up in our final night in the camper.


There are the same silver rocks we’ve seen on river beds leading down to the turquoise and pink water. Mt. Cook (at 3.7 km the tallest mountain in Australasia) still dipped in snow, commands centre stage to our right, and we’re surrounded by perfect Christmas pine trees, calling to us in the wind. It feels like we’re the only ones that have ever been here. It’s perfection.

We drove here today via Arrowtown, a restored gold rush village with perfectly symmetrical little timber and stone houses and shopfronts, 60 of which date back to the mid to late 1800’s. (I LOVE that era of building…basic and practical). Yes, it was tourist central, the the cute western movie set feel of the the town made up for the bustle.

And, the in the latest round of “Who Did it Better – Australia or New Zealand?”, category: food, NZ came out on top in the pie division. Arrowtown Bakery served up delicious crispy pies. My creamy chicken wasn’t the 50% floury goo and chicken loaf I’ve become accustomed to, but enormous chunks of REAL chicken breast. $6 well spent!

We also made a whistle-stop in at Peregrine Winery to pick up a couple of bottles of their Pinot Gris – an apricotty drop I sampled at my birthday dinner a few nights back.

But back to soaking in this sunset. We all had a swim earlier. The water is so clear, refreshing…heavenly.

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