Should we do a Camper Holiday? Take the Quiz!

So, you’ve always wanted to take the kids away for a scenic camper holiday. Wow, it looks like so much fun! So relaxing! So liberating, throwing all of your gear in a movable house, and getting in amongst the wilderness without a care in the world.


Answer these questions, and find out if you’re up for the challenge.

  1. Do you place zero value your personal space?  Y/N
  2. Do you enjoy climbing over people just to get to your bed?  Y/N
  3. Do you like washing clothes in large pasta pots?  Y/N
  4. When cooking for a family of 4, do you like moving around in a 1 sq m kitchen?  Y/N
  5. Do you enjoy cleaning out toilet units? Y/N
  6. Do your children tidy up every scrapbooking supply each time they use it?  Y/N
  7. Do your children neatly fold and replace each item of clothing after each wear?  Y/N
  8. Do your children pack only practical items? (ie NOT a squeezy globe ball, small cat fan from Japan, sailor’s hat, plastic bear face container filled with slime)  Y/N

Well, if like me, you answered “N” to every one of these questions, perhaps the camper-vanning life isn’t quite right for you. Or maybe you should try it once, and look back fondly at how the heck you got through it, and how wonderful those confined moments were. (And when you get to your AirBnB afterwards, you will spread yourselves, and your clothing every-bloody-where).


(Thanks to Mighway, who rent out New Zealanders’ campervans when they’re not using them…GREAT idea. And we felt pretty spesh not having a van plastered with a company’s logos)

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